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Survival Air Systems

Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Phone: (979) 299-3399
Fax: (979) 299-3395
Toll Free: 1-866-SAS-MAKO
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Solutions: SCUBA

Commercial and sport dive centers, university SCUBA training groups, police dive teams and other organizations needing frequent tank fills can use both stationary and mobile compressors and fill stations. Survival Air Systems has over 17 years experience providing solutions to dive organizations throughout Texas.

Stationary compressors

MAKO stationary compressors provide a wide range of capabilities. When cost is a major factor, MAKO and
Survival Air Systems can provide you with the low-cost EconoAir compressor, which also offers a wide range of fill rates. All maintenance items are easily accessible, and the small footprint makes it more effective in tight spaces.

Taking it with you

The Horizontal Breathing Air compressor is compact and rugged, and is ideal for taking it with you on trailer, in a van, or on the boat. Since it can be driven by electric, gas or diesel engines, you have the utmost in flexibility for any situation. The integrated fill hoses make it even more convenient.


In commercial and dive shop settings, safety is a critical factor, so the MAKO Containment Fill Stations
protect you, your employees and your customers by constraining the full impact of a catastrophic cylinder, valve or hose failure. The Containment Fill Stations are available in stationary and mobile configurations, with 1-, 2- and 3-positions available. Each one has double walled construction, a single-action door latch, a gas strut assisted carriage assembly, easy access panels for maintenance, and an automatic safety interlock mechanism. There is even a fill station configured for safely filling oxygen tanks.

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