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Purification Systems


Survival Air Systems

Lake Jackson, TX 77566
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Purification Systems

Ensure that you receive quality air purification by specifying MAKO. We design, engineer and manufacture our air purification systems in-house, guaranteeing grade E air quality that meets or exceeds current NFPA, Canadian, and worldwide standards.

Below: Purification System

Standard Features

  • Visual CO and moisture indicators do not require depressurization
  • System inoperable without cartridge in chamber when cartridge CMM monitor option is used
  • Non-corrosive replaceable cartridge
  • No adheasive odors or tastes because adhesive is not used in the manufacturing process
  • Stainless steel springs incorporated in cartridge assurees properly packed filter media
  • Anodized aluminum alloy chambers rated for 6000 psig with a 4 to 1 safety factor

Purification Cartridge Capabilities*
Model Cubic Feet*
MK2C 34,200 cf
MK5C 82,000 cf
MK10C 171,425 cf
MK420C 428,570 cf

* at 70F inlet temp

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