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Horizontal Breathing Air

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Survival Air Systems

Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Phone: (979) 299-3399
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Horizontal Breathing Air [HBA]
High quality, low profile compressor solution

Our open frame, low profile copressor provides a lower cost breathing air solution without sacrificing quality, flexibility or filling capacity.

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Below: Horizontal Breathing Air compressor [HBA]
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Standard Features

  • MAKO's MK2C purification system (with models HBA04 - HBA06[H])
  • MAKO's MK5C purification system (with models HBA07[H] - HBA09[H])
  • MAKO's industrial-duty 3- or 4-stage compressor block
  • NEMA design ODP 1.15. SF electric motor
  • Open design, rugged structural steel frame with heavy duty powder coast finish
  • Auto-drain with muffler/reservoir system for collection of condensate
  • Compact design, with small overall footprint
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • UL Listed, NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosure
  • Fully automatic control system

Instrumentation and Controls

  • PLC controller
  • Illuminated on/off push buttons
  • Hours-run meter
  • Emergency stop button
  • Inter-stage and final-stage pressure gauges
  • Individual shutdown indicators for High Air Temperature, High Air Pressure, and Low Oil Level/Pressure

Optional Equipment

  • MK5C or MK10C purification system (models HBA04 - HBA06[H])
  • MK10C purification (models HBA07[H] - HBA09[H])
  • Diesel or gas engine drive
  • Integrated or wall-mounted CO & Moisture (CMM) Monitor
  • Shutdown audible alarm
  • Dual pressure switch

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