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Lake Jackson, TX 77566
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Solutions: Fire Departments

Fire Departments use both stationary and mobile compressors and fill stations. Survival Air Systems has over 17 years of experience providing solutions to over 100 fire stations with Mako compressors.

In the station

Stationary compressors provide the best solution to SCBA re-fills in the fire station. In a shared-use area, low noise is often a requirement, something that both the AirCharge and Breathing Air Module excel at.

For larger stations with a lot of SCBA cylinders, fast refills are critical and the Breathing Air Module and the Horizontal Breathing Air compressors can support up to 33.2 cfm fill rate.

Combine a Breathing Air Module with a Containment Fill Station with storage, and you will have a Modular Breathing Air Center (shown at right).

On location

Survival Air Systems can also provide MAKO compressors designed to get on the road with you. The Horizontal Breathing Air compressor not only has a fast fill rate, but is compact and rugged. It can also be driven by electric, gas or diesel drives, providing maximum flexibility.

For the ultimate in capability, the MAKO mobile solution trailers provide you an all-in-one SCBA fill station on wheels. The 5400 series trailers provide compressor, fill station protection, control panel, storage racks, cascade control system and many other standard and optional features, that assure you the highest capability and safest on-site SCBA fills.

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